Filing for a Tax Identification Number

The Federal Tax Identification number is also called the employer identification number. In most cases, it is regarded to as the EIN. This number comprises of nine digits, and they are given by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) so as to identify the accounts for tax for employers and others that do not have employees. The traditional way of filing for the EIN was that you have to fill the SS4 form. In the modern days, you can do the filling for free through the online platform. However, it is also possible for you to go through the traditional method.


When you opt to go the online way, you will find a form that will offer you questions like those of an interview. A person is only supposed to get one EIN. It does not matter the number of businesses that you have, but you only get one Tax identification number. The EIN will not change when the business move to other places in the country. However, it will be required to change if the ownership of the business changes.

Those people who have already taken the EIN as a household employer are allowed to use it also if they have any sole proprietor needs. This number is used by the IRS so that they will be able to identify the various businesses that are supposed to file returns to them and also catch those that are evading the tax. Some of the businesses that are required to use the EIN include government agencies, estates of decedents, trusts, non-profit associations, partnerships, corporations, sole proprietors, and employers. It is not a must for the sole proprietors to take the number but there are those who prefer to take it due to its benefits. It is crucial to not the tax ID number does not replace the social security number. The EIN is solely meant for business transactions.

You can also apply for the EIN by phone, by mail or even by fax. You can use the IRS free toll number and call then to ask for the EIN. When you apply for the number by fax, it will take around four days to be processed. When you send by fax, you are requested not to call so as there may be no duplication of the EIN numbers. You will be required to give all the information that is needed by the SS4 form. It would take you around for weeks for you to get the EIN number if you applied by EIN.

There is, however, another fast and simple method that you can use to get the number even though it is at a fee. You can request a third party firm to do it. One of the best online platforms that you can get this service is the This person will go through the whole process on your behalf, and you will get the EIN within only a short while. They are experienced and therefore will not make the common mistakes that an individual is likely to do. Consider the third party and get the EIN fast.


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